Fashion Meets Function in a Unique Planner

“The central concept I had in mind when designing my planners was the task pad. I was tired of lugging around multiple notebooks along with my plain black agenda and jotting things down on sticky notes that I couldn’t find later when I needed them. I wanted to have a clear view of my entire week, but I needed a layout that is modular enough so that I could easily distinguish the different components of my hectic school schedule from my even busier personal life.”

“And so the academic task pad was born ….a simple way to look at your appointments, assignments, exams & quizzes, extracurriculars, to-do list, and things to buy in one centralized location for the whole week. I love my smartphone, but even that technological marvel can’t simultaneously show me ALL those elements in one easy view.”

“After completing graduate school, I designed new task pads for my own personal use based on how my lifestyle and planning needs were changing. I began incorporating them into planners for my friends and family. As they grew in popularity and I started getting dozens of requests for these products I had been making as a hobby, I decided to launch an Etsy shop in 2012. Just a little over a year later, my planners had sold in all 50 states in the USA (as well as in 7 Canadian provinces, Germany, Australia, France, and the Netherlands). My planner “hobby” quickly became my full time job and a thriving business thanks to my fabulous customers for whom I am ever so grateful. Being able to create useful, beautiful things for a living while getting overwhelmingly appreciative responses from so many people across the country has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. ”

-M, Founder of and Designer for Melvedy Designs

Unique Fashion 2017 and 2017 – 2018 To Do List Day Planners, Weekly Agendas, and Appointment Books.

Handcrafted Paper Products

Proudly Made in the USA

Specializing in:

Personalized & Monogrammed Planners
Academic Student Planners
Family Planners (FlexGrid Layout)
Meal Planners (FlexGrid Layout)
Fitness Planners (FlexGrid Layout)
Executive Organizers

Weekly / Monthly Planner Sizes:

-Large (9″X11″ Notebook Size)
-Medium (5.8″X8.5″ Slightly Wider Than Half-Letter Size)

Planners are Customizable: Choose from 3 Task Pad Layouts
-Academic Planner, Perfect for Students
-Classic Planner, Most Versatile
-FlexGrid Planner, Ideal for Family Scheduling, Meal Planning, Fitness Tracking




Founder of and Designer for Melvedy Designs

Attorney, Designer, Micropreneur, Retired Professional Gamer, Texan, Wife, & Corgi Pack Leader